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Rarity: Unique.

Item description: The magical brew of Tyas van den Bergh, a young alchemist from the mythical Nether Lands. Rumoured to never go empty.

Effects: Adds a new dimension to a narrative by creating original, tailor-made musical scores for games and film. Raises the level cap for storytelling and creative impact.

  • +100 Immersion

  • +100 Emotion

  • +50 Nice

Duration: Permanent buff.


  • Bachelor of Music with Honours in Composition for Media (University of the Arts, Utrecht)

  • Internship at Bear & Cat Music Production (Teslagrad, World to the West) in Bergen, Norway

  • In-depth knowledge of music, music technology and narrative structure

  • Strong communication and social skills

  • A deep desire to tell stories through music in media

  • Puns

Every use adds new components to the mix.

Your project is a temple, so before you pour anything over it, it's important to read the label.

Find out more about Sound Potion, what goes in it, and what it can do for you.

100% organic!

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