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Als Niets Is Wat Het Was


MAKER: Evan Hobers

TYPE: Documentary

ROLE: Composer

Als Niets Is Wat Het Was (If Nothing Is As It Was) is an upcoming documentary short about Anne Chris, a boy born in the body of a girl. He wants to have sex-change surgery because part of him feels like that will make him happy, but he is riddled with doubts. What if it doesn't? What if he makes such a big decision and it doesn't fix everything? Als Niets Is Wat Het Was explores the search for identity, the notions this concept exists on and the doubt and fear that come with monumental change in it.

The documentary is look inside the mind of Anne Chris as he tries to figure things out. Stuck in doubt, his mind loops over and over around the same question, and the music in turn has a similar repetitive nature throughout. The opening and closing theme makes use of soothing, pleasant tones and a melody that feels safe at first listen, but is written in an uneven time measure to subtly underscore the concept of feeling out of place.

Video coming soon, film currently doing festivals.

NFF 2019 Student Competition

(Utrecht, the Netherlands)

Blikvangers: HKU Filmfestival 2019

(Utrecht, the Netherlands)

San Antionio QFest - LGBT Intenational Film Festival 2019 

(San Antonio, California, US)

New Renaissance Film Festival 2020

(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Queen Palm Film Festival 2020

(Palm Springs, California, US)

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