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MAKER: Arnold Berssenbrugge

TYPE: Interactive storybook/iPad App

ROLE: Composer/Sound Designer

Druspke (Droplet) is an upcoming interactive storybook for young children, made for iPad. A little raindrop called Drupske falls to the earth only to find out he can't go into the ground like all of his friends. He starts to explore the world around him to find a way to join them, and ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for!

The user can interact with the environments Drupske travels through by tapping on them, triggering short animations accompanied by little sounds. I got to do the sound design as well and it was really fun to figure out how clouds and mushrooms might sound!

For this project, it was important that the music would not grab the user's attention, as it would play in the background while a voice-over would read the story. To ensure this, short piano phrases were tied together with silence or single, long notes on cello. The timbre of the piece is warm, almost dreamy and altogether it sets a mood based on the delightfully organic art style and its soothing colour palette. As a whole, the music can loop on itself so that users can take their time exploring the story.

Video coming soon!

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