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MAKER: Sanna de Vries

TYPE: Animation

ROLE: Composer

Huilbui (Crying Fit) is a 2D animated short by Sanna de Vries, made with watercolour paint. In it, we follow a young girl as she is confronted with her emotions. These take the shape of a dark storm cloud that she can't seem to escape, no matter how much she tries. As her feelings start to get the better of her and she lets them in, her mood begins to affect the weather around her, until she is forced to take action and confront the situation. It is a story about allowing yourself to feel and shows that crying can be a very good thing.

The music for this story needed to feel as organic as the watercolours and natural environment, and shift through various dynamic and tonal changes as the girl bounces from one emotion to the other. Using orchestral instruments seemed like the perfect fit: they have a natural and human character and expression, and the capabilities of a full orchestra allow for a lot of dynamic and emotional variety.

Blikvangers: HKU Filmfestival 2019

(Utrecht, the Netherlands)

NFF 2019 Student Competition

(Utrecht, the Netherlands)

Lowlands 2019

(Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands)

Dutch Film Fund Wildcard 2019

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